100+ Cute Mehndi Designs that are Awesome & Super Easy to Try Now

Kids are all about mimicking adult behavior and styles. They want to belong, want to be considered part of the exciting adult world they see around them. It’s only natural then that when kids watch adults get adorned with mehndi designs for weddings and other social occasions that they would want to join in the fun and have their own. For parents, the biggest challenge is often finding patterns that are appropriate for the child’s age and ones that will translate easily to their smaller hands and feet. In this post, we’re going to take a look at kids mehndi designs and go through some the things to consider when looking for good, simple mehndi designs for kids step by step.

Cute Mehndi Designs for Kids

Indian women (as well as an increasingly large number of Indian men) indulge themselves in mehndi art prior to weddings, rituals, important festivals and holidays. Kids – being the curiosity machines that they are – watch this and often want to participate. However, finding patterns that will look great and read properly on their small hands isn’t easy. So here are a few things to keep in mind when determining which mehndi designs will be best for your kids.

● Pattern: Kids hands are significantly smaller than those of adults, so mehndi designs for kids need to take this into consideration. For the most part, this means choosing a less intricate pattern, often one that is more open in nature and not jammed packed with detail from side to side. Choose patterns that have lots of open space so that they can be easily read on smaller hands.

● Time: There’s another reason kids mehndi designs should be simple, and that is the amount of time it takes to apply them. Most kids are impatient types. That means that, while they like the idea of having their own mehndi design they don’t really consider how long they’ll have to sit still in order for it to be properly applied. By keeping kids mehndi designs simple, you reduce the amount of time they have to sit still and make the entire process more enjoyable.

● Color: As we mentioned kids’ hands are significantly smaller than adult hands which can make reading a mehndi design challenging. For that reason kids, mehndi designs should be simple. But smaller, simpler designs will also be hard to read if they’re too light in color, so it’s a good idea to make a kid’s design darker than you might apply to an adult. A dark, simple pattern will look clear and easy to read on small hands and feet.

● Motifs: Motif is a fancy word that, when applied to things like mehndi designs, basically means “subject”. You want the subject of your kid’s mehndi designs to reflect their naturally optimistic, happy nature. In that case beautiful, but simple, flower patterns often do the trick along with paisley patterns, which occupy a gray area between childlike and adult. Simple flower patterns also have the advantage of being easy for moms to apply themselves, saving the time and hassle of trying to find the right professional to apply kids mehndi designs.

Kids mehndi designs can be a lot of fun and easier to conceive and apply than you might imagine. The most important thing about kids mehndi designs is to keep them simple and fairly dark (so that they’re easy to read and don’t just appear like blotches). Also, keep in mind that these are kids we’re talking about here, so they’re probably not going to have the patience to sit through the application of a really complex design. Keep those things up front, and your kid’s mehndi designs are bound to be a big hit. Enjoy!

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