30 Back Hand Mehndi Designs

The backhand mehndi design is just beyond the fashion world. This mehndi is perfectly designed with simple patterns and have more emphasis on decorating fingers with different art work instead of designing a palm. This design is totally mixed with the Arabic and Indian pattern that looks so trendy and stylish in this a simple leaf design whorled is designed on all the fingers accept the ring finger.

This design comprises of curls and twists at the end of fingers. This pattern is perfectly suited to more people that like bold drops and flowers. In the center of the hand, a flower is made in the center that is surrounded by pretty petals sometimes artist used a touch of peacock shape head that proceed towards the end finger. This may include least size design in the center while it is mostly preferred to design the fingers. Because of its modern and unique look girls preferred it more for parties and functions etc. And this also may be applied on engagement ceremonies. The new feature that introduced with these designs is going to be viral these days in which peacock head design add some curved drops that can perfectly highlight the design but some used curl designs instead of peacock head. In this highlighting is a must because this is the only feature that why people preferred it.

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