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Step by Step Mehndi design for Beginners

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Do you love Mehndi designs? To all  Mehndi (Henna) lovers out there we’ve come up with the steps and list of some of the easiest and simple Mehndi designs which you can draw yourself anytime and anywhere.

Mehndi (Henna) is a paste that is used to make designs on hands & feet. It is something which most of the women at any age from all over the world adore. It has evolved as one of the finest arts which involve drawing patterns on body parts.

Mehndi Designs Step by Step

You can use these patterns to start creating your own Mehndi by yourself. You can be more creative and turn it into a full-fledged Mehndi design.

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Pretty stoked with the simple designs above? I bet you are! We love to provide you an easy tutorial steps on how to create a simple Mehndi that perfectly fits you. For beginners like you the creeper design is best for you. It is the most basic Mehndi Designs Step by Step  which you can easily draw at the palm, back of your hand, legs etc.

  1. First. draw a small hole using a Mehndi cone. We are going to create a flower. Start drawing a simple dot with your henna cone. Try to make any kind of small design around it. It is actually to make the central part of  a flower.
  2. Now you can draw petals around it. You may draw as many petals as you like! Draw smaller petals by pinching the cone.
  3. Draw a peacock line and dots. Shade the petals in it by drawing small dot inside each petals.
  4. You can repeat the steps above by creating more curved lines and dots as shown on the image.
  5. Draw horizontal lines on middle finger in a more creative way.
  6. Try to make the lines darker depending on your preference.
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This is a simple Mehndi design and anyone can draw Mehndi designs with ample patience and time. Hope you liked these lovely and simple creeper Mehndi design. Try out easy design and let me know your results through comments.

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