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New Style wedding mehndi designs 2018 for women

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Mehndi as we know are an essential part of any Indian occasions! I hope you like my post about 17 Mehndi Patterns for any occasions. I’m sure you will also like this post about Extraordinary Mehndi Images. I’ve spent time searching for unique Mehndi images ideas.

Body art is undoubtedly a fancy tradition nowadays. Well, Nope here we are not talking in reference to tattoos or glittery body stickers but our very own ‘Mehndi’. We spend hours and hours looking for most beautiful, diversified, unique and varied patterns for Mehndi images.

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Most designs these days are simple but with a creative touch to suit the young women who loves minimal style . Scroll down and take your pick and you are sure to be different with these latest Mehndi designs.

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Gallery of Extraordinary Mehndi Images



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